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Bixbite Jewelry

Possessing various types of precious gemstones is considered to be an investment. Bixbite, a rare and invaluable gemstone found in the Wah Wah Mountains, Utah, is a red variety of beryl. Bixbite is also known as scarlet emerald or red emerald. Like quartz, topaz, and orthoclase, bixbite is found in volcanic regions which have rich silica deposits.

Jewelry reflects a status symbol and therefore People with higher position or financial status in the society prefer wearing rare and expensive gemstones like bixbite. Bixbite, the beautiful red gemstone is used in fine jewelry, brooches, bracelets and rings because of its outstanding gem quality. Being among the rarest gemstone, bixbite jewelry is a priceless possession.

Apart from ornamental value, the red beryl bixbite has a special place in the astrological beliefs too. It is supposed to be one of the birthstones. People whose astrological signs are Taurus and Aries prefer wearing the red beryl bixbite because it is known to have a significant effect and healing qualities for these particular star signs.

The red beryl bixbite according to astrologers has the potential to enhance physical energy, increase creativity and remove disorders of the digestive system. A person who wears this gemstone feels energetic and alert. People having heart and lung problems are advised to wear the red beryl bixbite because of its peculiar healing qualities.